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Saturday, 10 March 2012

" Sad days for me” – Nargis Fakhri

American fashion model and actress Nargis Fakhri who made her debut with Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar found it extremely difficult to live those many months while the film was being shot since the film’s producer and director Imtiaz Ali didn’t let her be in public eye so as to maintain a mystery around the leading lady. “I like being out there, exploring, meeting people, but being closely guarded was very difficult. Imagine, I had no family no friends, I was all alone and only working. Those days I would cry. It was an emotional struggle (whoosh),” she says with a sad face.

But then, Nargis had found friends in two people from the shooting unit – her leading man Ranbir Kapoor and director Imtiaz Ali. “There were only two people in my life and I got attached to them,” she says. “But now when I look back I appreciate the kind of life I led because it taught me to get to know myself and love myself,” she adds.
Besides being happy, spirited and energetic, Nargis can also be quite impulsive. “My agents working with me get nervous because I can be quite unpredictable. I often do something over the top. My mom laughs and says, where did you come from?” she laughs. And yes, we just witnessed her doing something totally over the top. She took a cardboard box, covered the head and face of a young man with it and autographed on it while squealing with joy like a little girl.
But yes, Nargis has her sad days and those days she chooses to stay away from people. “I have my sad days and I don’t want to give it to other people. I am sensitive to energy and when my energy is low or I am feeling sad I don’t want to give it to others. I stay alone,” she says.
And while dealing with her moods when in the company of her Rockstar co-star, she says, “On screen Ranbir and I had great chemistry. But we know each other’s energy in real life. I don’t think I am more sensitive to his energy but he has learnt that I am very sensitive. He asks me when I am feeling sad and I tell him and then he keeps his space. Similarly, when I find him moody I stay away. When you are working with people and you are connected, you can tell if something is wrong…you understand and feel for each other. And these are the people who are grounded, loving nurturing, human beings,” Nargis further says.


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