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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Saif: "I was hit and I defended myself"

The star gives his side of the story after Tuesday night's brawl in a Mumbai restaurant

Saif Ali Khan
t looks like things are not going Saif Ali Khan’s way. Yesterday, the Nawab and his friends were hounded by the media for their reactions to the allegations made by NRI businessman, Iqbal Sharma, that the star punched him at Wasabi restaurant on Tuesday night following an argument. Sharma said Saif and his friends attacked him after he objected to the din they were creating at the table. 
Saif, who was arrested and released on bail late in the evening yesterday, made an official statement telling his side of the story. He also filed a counter complaint in the case. 

He said, "There was an ugly incident last night where my friends and the ladies with us were abused and I was assaulted."

He further said, "I was hit and I defended myself. I have been to the police station to answer the requirements of law as I am a law-abiding citizen. I have also filed a complaint about what happened last night and I am confident justice will be done."

"I have seen the interviews (of Iqbal Sharma) given on TV. They look like decent people. I cannot believe how aggressive they were the night before and the lies they are telling about me with such straight faces."

"I think they have the CCTV footage in the restaurant that will prove everything. I hope the media is able to remain impartial while the matter is being decided. I don't think any gentleman would have behaved differently."

However, it might not be so easy for the actor to prove his innocence. Incidentally, sources say there is no CCTV in the restaurant so the police will have to rely on witness accounts and their own investigations to find out what actually happened. So Kareena Kapoor, Amrita Arora and Malaika Arora Khan who were with Saif as well as other diners at the restaurant are likely to be questioned. 

The cops on their part said they haven’t given a clean chit to either Saif or Iqbal and will draw their conclusions only after finding out the details. Meanwhile, Saif’s lawyer told a channel that his client was a “thorough gentleman and would never behave this way.” 

Iqbal, on the other hand, is not willing to give up without a fight. He was all over the TV channels accusing the star of abusing and manhandling him. With both sides not ready to negotiate, it looks like we haven’t seen the end of the matter yet. 

But will this fracas and negative publicity affect Saif’s next release, ‘Agent Vinod’ remains to be seen.


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