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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Kulraj Randhawa on cosmetic surgery, acting with veterans and playing pranks on Tusshar

Kulraj Randhawa
This model turned actress got her first big break in television in the show ‘Kareena Kareena’ in 2005. Over the years she has tried her luck with Punjabi films and is a popular face up north. She had her first brush with Bollywood in 2010’s big hit ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. The actress is back with her next film ‘Char Din Ki Chandni’. And as the release date nears, her excitement levels are up. She shares her journey so far with us. 

Have you visited Dubai before? What do you enjoy seeing here?
I’ve visited Dubai before. I am completely in love with this city. It’s like a shopping heaven to me. 

Tell us about role in ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’.The story revolves around an energetic, bubbly girl named Chandni, played by me. She has an inter-caste affair. Chandni seems to have a solution to every complicated situation. 

How is Tusshar Kapoor on and off the sets? Did he pull any pranks on you?Tusshar is a lovely friend. It’s been a great opportunity to witness such a humble co-star though he hails from a prestigious film family. He is a thorough professional on the sets with tremendous focus. Off the sets, we’ve had our own sessions where we pulled a lot of pranks on each other! 

How does it feel to share screen space with legends like Anupam Kher and Om Puri? Did they give you any acting tips or share any advice about your career? Working with senior actors left me awestruck. There is a lot to learn from these gentlemen. Omji and Anupamji literally walked me through this filming experience. It helped me grow leaps and bounds and kept me on my toes. I was lucky enough to grab a class with Anupamji at his academy.

There are a lot of romantic comedies in queue to hit the theatres, what makes ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ special?
This is a pure Bollywood flick with a fresh outlook. It’s a very colourful film set in Rajasthan. The presence of veteran actors and mind-blowing music that grows on you makes this movie a hard-core entertainer. The remix of ‘Chandini O Meri Chandini’ by RBD is a track you should watch out for. 

You are new to the film industry. Do you think there is a lot of pressure on actresses to look good? What do you think about cosmetic surgery? Paying attention to health and fitness is a part and parcel of my profession. I have no complaints, but I strongly believe natural beauty cannot be compared to surgical enhancements. You shouldn’t tamper with nature! However, one cannot deny that minor corrections with the help of surgeries do help you look better at times. 

Was your entry into B’wood difficult? What is the best way for aspiring actors to get a foothold in the film industry?The film industry is very competitive but I am happy with whatever I have achieved so far. Of course, the journey is still very long. Coming from a non-filmy background myself, I feel aspiring actors and actresses should be focused and true to themselves. This industry is glitzy on the outside, however a lot of hard work goes into creating what appears on screen. 

You became a household name with the show ‘Kareena Kareena.’ Do you miss working in television?The show ‘Kareena Kareena’ on TV was my first big break. It was a great learning experience working on television. Working on a daily soap can be challenging, yet very exciting. It requires commitment and focus. Currently I would like to concentrate on the movies that come my way. 

How do you compare the working styles of B’wood to TV?
Bollywood and television have totally different work dynamics. Television shows have a longer life, whereas movies are shorter projects, but much more demanding. What I like about films is that I get the opportunity to play different characters in a shorter time span. 

Can you describe the most difficult time you faced during your shoots?The crew of my film has been extremely supportive and all the actors have been taken care of really well. The only time we really faced an issue was when we shot a scene amidst a thousand-strong crowd. While shooting at outdoor locations, extreme weather conditions can take a toll on us. 

What are your upcoming projects? Would you reprise your role in the sequel to ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana?’
Currently, my attention is entirely devoted to ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ as the release date is so close. I have been reading a couple of Hindi scripts, but due to my ongoing projects in Punjabi and south films, my hands are full.

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