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Friday, 24 February 2012

Bollywood Hairstyle Trends

The hair is the richest ornament of women. ~Martin Luther (so also for men right?Razz
When we think of Bollywood we have vivid imagination of people in colourful dresses dancing in groups, the theatrical expression of emotions and the endless changing of hairstyles from one scene to another. Since the beginning of Indian movies from the black & white days to the present Bollywood status, women and men have equally undergone transition in hairstyles. Remember those days when we used to watch Amitabh bachchan in Sholay in those long side burns, Amjat Khan in the curly frizzy hair & Hema Malini in bump its with side braids? And we used to think it was so cool and tried to emulate it. Not only that i have pictures of my dad and uncle adorning themSmile  .Through the decades , hairstyles have evolved and so also have our conceptions about it.
It was assumed that long hairstyles were for women and short ones for men. I say that people living in this century is the most blessed one when it comes to freedom of styling. One can be modern if he/she wishes . Nevertheless one can be as retro as she likes. No one sticks to the protocol nowadays .  People are experimenting with different kind of hairstyles and it is visible in Bollywood industry since in India movies depict the ongoing present day changes.
The long legged Deepika Padukon went from the long wavy hair to short layered haircut. Priyanka Chopra came to be famously known as “piggy chops” after her hairstyle makeover .  they curl it , straighten it  and go all the way to chopping it off too. There are the cute bangs that Katrina wears in Ajab prem ki kajab kahani (which makes her look 5 yrs younger than her age). Nonetheless, the ever chic Aishwariya Rai in the classic hair bun in Cannes will never go out of fashion. And the crazyyyy hair of kangna ranaut (which is my favourite).

Deepika and Priyanka in different hair style
 I love the hippy hair styles in Hare rama hare Krishna movie – it screams “born wild and free”. And in its remake Deepika Padukon gets feather cut with laser finishing ,its just awesome and adds volume to her hair while she swings and sways to Dum maro dum. But sometimes i long for the good old days of huge wavy curls like Madhuri Dixits. Don’t u too?

Kanagana hair styles

One should be very careful while choosing hairstyles. Those with round face should never opt for straight  fringe as it will only make the face look shorter and rounder. Moreover if round face decides to go for short hair it should be layered to reduce the fullness and give shape to the face. If you have square face, you can wear side bangs. As for those who are blessed with long oval face any hairstyle will go – straight,layered, feathered Japanese cut, with/without bangs, bob cut, short messy hair, short layered or even Mohawk.
When we think about hairstyles, in most of the cases we assume it’s only for us girls. We are sooo wrong. Men have grown aware about grooming themselves and that includes hairstyles. We no longer see men with long side burns and flamboyant front hairs.  John Abraham, Imran khan , Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan have all gone for the short army crew cut. I won’t be wrong to say that other s will follow eventually. But there s the other side of the coin where in movies like Rockstar and Rock on ,Ranbir kapoor and Farhan akhtar had the shaggy unruly hairstyles and they still looked oooommmpphhh!! And so did Shahrukh khan in don 2. And how can we forget the “good school boy looks” of Shahid Kapoor .

Ranbir Kapoor In Different Hair Style

salman Khan In Differ hair style

But no matter what kinda hairstyle one sports , the important thing is the attitude with which one carries it off. After all whats the use if one is “ Long on hair, short on brains. “


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